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Hazelnuts Hazelnuts Hazelnuts
Varieties: Giresun, Levant, Barcelona
Styles: In-shell, Natural, Blanched, Roasted, Roasted & Salted, Caramelized, Praline
Sizes: Whole (Jumbo, XL, L, M, S, XS), Whole & Broken, Sliced, Diced (Bits, S, M, L), Meal, Paste & Butter
Packaging: Bulk - net weight 25kg & 50kg, 25 lb
Food Service - 5lb/ 10lb/ 25lb
Retail Tub and Stand-up Pouch
Background: Historic records confirm that hazelnuts have been grown along the Black Sea coastline in northern Turkey since 300 B.C., and exported for the last 6 centuries. As the largest producing country in the world, Turkey is one of the few places where climatic conditions are ideal for hazelnut production. Entirely blanchable nuts are available only from Turkey. State of the art Turkish hazelnut processors are able to produce the widest variety of processed nuts which serve as key ingredients in many popular confectionary and bakery items. The U.S. Northwest (Oregon & Washington states) offers comparable climactic conditions, although production volumes are small and the industry’s main focus is in-shell nuts.
Product Detail: Hazelnuts, also known as filberts, have an exotic sweet and nutty flavor that is a rich addition to a variety of foods. Long used in the production of fine confections, they also enhance a wide variety of bakery products, salads, dressings, entrees and sauces as well as provide a tasty and nutritious addition to snack foods. The range of Bedemco’s offerings of whole hazelnuts and processed hazelnut products is unique, technically sophisticated and the most comprehensive in the market today.

Nutritionally, hazelnuts provide a high-quality source of protein, fiber and antioxidant vitamins E & C, in addition to beneficial unsaturated fats. As compared with other nuts, hazelnuts provide the most heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids per serving and are among the lowest in saturated fat
Harvest: August- September